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Meeting Points

Domestic Terminals Meeting Point  
There are two (2) Domestic Terminals which are known as "T2" and "T3".

Terminal 2 (or "T2") is the terminal from which all domestic flights other than Qantas flights both, depart and arrive from.


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Terminal 3 (or "T3") is the terminal from which all Qantas flights both, arrive and depart from.
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At BOTH Domestic Terminals - the meeting point is located INSIDE the terminal next to baggage carousel number five (5) .

The Meeting Point at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 is inside the arrivals hall at baggage carousel 5.  Your driver will meet you here and will carry a sign with your name on it.



International Terminal Meeting Point



The International Terminal is also known as "T1" and it is where all international flights arrive to/depart from.


At the International Terminal (or "T1"), the meeting point is located at the Northern End of the Arrivals Hall, INSIDE the sliding doors next to McDonalds Restaurant, on the Ground Floor.

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It will be here, INSIDE the terminal that the Driver will look for you, carrying a sign with your name on it.


Our Drivers wear a dark-green, collared polo t-shirt with "Collaroy Airport Transfers" embroidered in white, on the front of the shirt (pocket size) over the left breast, as well as the same name along with the "99841420" telephone number printed in large writing (also in white) on the back of their shirt.  They will carry a sign with your name on it and will be calling it out.  Please be sure to keep watch for your Driver and identify yourself to them as soon as you either see or hear your name being called.

As soon as you arrive please turn on your mobile phone if you have one (AND if you have given your mobile number to office staff ), so that our Driver can locate you if they are having trouble finding you, or notify you if they are running late.  If you have arrived into Sydney on an International Flight please note that you will not be able to turn on your mobile telephone until AFTER you have cleared Customs.

If passengers do have a mobile phone (particularly for those arriving into Sydney Airport), it is highly advisable to provide their number to Office Staff so that if there are any delays, we  can at least contact them.

Passengers Please Note: - The Meeting Points will be the ONLY place the Driver will be looking for you, so please ensure you are in the correct area to avoid confusion and delay for both yourself, your Driver AND any other passengers .

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